Tuesday, August 10, 2010


how was everyone's weekend? hubby & i got a lot done around the house! we focused mostly on the kitchen & dining area, cleaning things up, putting away gifts (new plates! new appliances!!) there are still some things to unclutter, so i'll wait on posting pics of that stuff. here's our new wine rack though:

we also did some errands - groceries, target, lowe's...i bought some dirt (for the first time EVER) and some little succulents and planted them. i'm new to this whole plant thing - i've managed to keep a couple pet friendly plants alive for the last year & a half and decided to expand my little collection. we'll see what happens. wish me luck :)

oh we also made our first batch of ice cream (in our new ice cream maker) and it was AMAZING! (ben & jerry's recipe)

it was nice to hang around the house together for the first time since we've been home from the wedding. there's something very pleasant about puttering around as a married couple :)


Melissa said...

I recently started getting into plants, too, and started with a succulent! There's something so wonderful about their aesthetic.

stephanie said...

hi melissa - i completely agree! i love succulents...they seem very...friendly.

Brandi said...

The succulents are adorable -- those I could probably handle and not worry too much about killing. I'm glad you and the hubby had a nice weekend at home. I'm sure you're glad things have quieted down a bit.

Eileen said...

Congratulations on your wedding! :) Gorgeous photos! I love Brandi's post! Ahh, your dress!! :) ~ I love succulents, too! I'll have to try my hand at a little succulent garden. I have some sort of cactus on my balcony, it was here when I moved in 4 years ago and it's still alive..yay! :)

stephanie said...

eileen thank you! and welcome :)