Tuesday, August 31, 2010


so far, i haven't heard anyone say anything bad about buying a mac. nor have any of the people i've talked to even heard of anyone else saying negative stuff about macs. so that's good to know.

in the meantime, i'm limping my laptop along. i threw together a quick postcard for a mini wedding reception we are having for all of our alaskan friends that couldn't make it to the wedding on the east coast. i wouldn't even call it a reception...more of a simple barbecue.

i didn't want to use a photo from our wedding - partially because we don't have the pics yet, so i did a little drawing/painting of one of my favorite shots as background to the postcard:

oh and while i was scanning it in, trying to open the file, and actually do some slight manipulations to add text & such to the postcard, my computer froze a number of times and photoshop had to be shut down. annoying? yes. but i think i managed to get the project done, so that's good.

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Brandi said...

The drawing is lovely, Steph. And I think a barbecue is perfect (that's exactly what I would do). When you go shopping for a computer, you should see if you can get a military discount, or if you know someone who is student, they can probably get a student discount. Just to keep in mind.